Safe-Way Bus Company was founded in 1970 by Worth and Mary Stiles. They moved from Austin, MN to the Twin Cities with their three children and began student transportation services with 8 buses and a small terminal in Mendota Hts.

By 1980, through very slow and controlled growth, Safe-Way expanded its' services to include St. Paul Public Schools, South St. Paul Public Schools, Inver Grove Hts. Public Schools and various Private and Charter Schools. Safe-Way currently runs 100 school buses from our Inver Grove Hts. terminal and employs 80 drivers, mechanics and office staff.

In 1992 Safe-Way expanded to Hudson, WI when the Hudson Public Schools student transportation contract was awarded to us. Our Hudson, WI terminal currently runs 60 school buses and employs 50 drivers, mechanics and office staff.

In 2006 Safe-Way was awarded the Somerset Public Schools student transportation contract. Our Somerset, WI terminal currently runs 25 buses and employs 15 drivers, mechanics and office staff.

Since the inception of Safe-Way Bus Company, Worth and Mary Stiles' three children, Dan, Jane and Tom have worked hand-in-hand with their parents. Mary and Worth were tremendous teachers of business and life-lessons. Dan, Jane and Tom learned the business of student transportation as they grew up at Safe-Way Bus. They spent their summers and college breaks working at Safe-Way. In 1978 Dan graduated from St. Mary's College in Winona, MN. In 1980, Jane graduated from St. Mary's of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN and in 1986 Tom graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.

In 2006 Mary Stiles passed away and in 2008 Worth Stiles passed. Their children are proud to continue the legacy of Safe-Way Bus as a second-generational, family owned and operated, business. Dan, Jane and Tom now jointly own and operate Safe-Way Bus Company. Jane manages the Inver Grove Hts. terminal. Tom manages the Hudson, WI terminal and Dan manages the Somerset, WI terminal.

Since 1970 Safe-Way has successfully grown from 8 buses and 1 terminal location to 185 buses and 3 terminal locations. We safely transport over 25,000 students on a daily basis. We are continually evaluating our business practices and staying abreast of industry changes. We have short and long range goals to continue our controlled expansion and provide quality, safe student transportation.

Stiles Family Pic